Asian Persuasion Art offers both Sumi-e and Oriental Brush Paintings by Terri Harris, artist. Whether you are familiar with the styles and techniques of these art forms, or simply looking for inspirational works which convey a message of tranquility, you will be lifted to another place while viewing each painting.

You may ask "What is Sumi-e?"  Sumí-e is a Japanese word for "black ink” (sumí), and “painting" (e). The art is created in varying degrees of black ink.  It is an art form that strives to capture the essence and spirit of a subject in the fewest possible strokes. Balance, rhythm, simplicity, and harmony are the qualities that comprise the art.  Simplicity is the most important characteristic of sumí-e.  Each brush stroke conveys both energy and restraint. Working in one “color,” (the Asian ‘rainbow’ of seven shades), this traditional art form presents unique expressions of nature.

How does Oriental Brush Painting complement Sumi-e?  Philosophy and symbolism play a large role in oriental art.  Blending of the oriental brush painting and sumi-e techniques creates an art through the symbolic expression of simplicity and spirit.  The contemplative compilation of brushstrokes painted with color introduces a new and expanded dimension to a painting.

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 Matsuri 36th Annual Festival of Japan 

February 22-23, 2020
Steele Indian School Park
300 E. Indian School Rd
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